Anchored here in San Francisco.

 San Francisco can be a very lonely place, despite how beautiful it looks in all the photographs. It is normal for people like me who come from a small town, to a big city like San Francisco to go through a period of disappointment and loneliness.

8 months ago, In May I lost someone I really cared about Diana Duckfield. I will never forget feeling like my life was over; I had lost a dear friend/cousin and had nothing to look forward to.Everything seemed to be falling apart for me. Diana was a big part of my life here in San francisco she took me under her wing and into her home. After she passed I could not function, and I isolated myself from friends and family. Sadness and shock kept me from going to her funeral it was a choice I had to make at the time.

Over time I learned how to let go of my grief. I thought losing Diana would be the lowest point in my life,but that loss brought me light on a lot of things. It’s so sad that I had to lose someone so close to me to realize how much I appreciated her and life. She was a wonderful person who put her friends and family first. I will do what many people who have lost loved ones do and continue to do: create a new family.Slowly, putting together the people who mean a lot to me so I can begin to feel anchored here in San Francisco on my own.